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Learn how the leading Sending Management Platform can help you fuel revenue growth, accelerate deals, increase customer retention, and improve employee engagement. With Sendoso, a proven gifting strategy can help your marketing, sales, customer experience, and HR teams scale and deliver better outcomes to the business.

Team Marketing


Amplify your brand and stand out in the market with marketing solutions that build trust—and work as hard as you do. Generate leads, grow pipeline, prove return on investments (ROI), and fuel revenue growth with a personalized gifting campaign that enhances your marketing strategy.

Team Sales


Accelerate deal negotiations with a data-backed sales strategy. Our sales solutions help you shorten the deal cycle and exceed revenue targets with an automated gifting strategy that helps you engage more deeply and stand apart from the competition.

Team Customer Experience


Create the customer experience (CX) that develops brand loyalty and increases retention. A personalized gifting approach improves onboarding and creates a speedy resolution for negative experiences. This strategy leads to better customer satisfaction metrics, and eventually, to upsells and renewals.

Team HR


Engage with employees in a memorable way with our human resources (HR) solutions. From a new hire’s onboarding journey to celebrating work anniversaries, a personalized gifting strategy makes a difference. Deliver experiences that get your employees excited for Monday mornings.

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Learn how to integrate gifting into marketing, sales, CX, and HR strategies across all industries. Our solutions are automated, scalable, and best of all, aligned with your specific goals.

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Account-Based Marketing

Create a differentiated ABM strategy, build trust with high-value customers, and break into target accounts to exceed revenue goals by harnessing the power of personalized gifting.

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Demand Generation

Drive brand awareness, grow pipeline with quality leads, and align sales and marketing teams in a single platform to crush your revenue goals. Keep buyers engaged and create exceptional demand throughout the customer journey.
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Field Marketing

Host memorable events, drive event registration and attendance, and generate high-quality leads for sales teams with a personalized gifting strategy. Enjoy hassle-free logistics—no more gift sourcing from multiple vendors—with our Sending Management Platform.
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Sales Development

Get the attention of buyers, increase response rates, and book more meetings for sales development teams. Automated, scalable gifting will complement the typical sales development representative (SDR) outreach strategy and help your team stand out.

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Accelerate deal negotiations, improve sales team productivity, and exceed revenue targets with a gifting platform that enables sales teams to engage buyers in a personalized and differentiated way.
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Customer Experience

Stay top of mind with customers at renewal, improve the onboarding experience, and de-escalate support or experience issues with personalized, high-value, educational gifts or branded merchandise.
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Company Culture

Surprise and delight employees with creative gifting experiences such as branded welcome gifts for new hires, high-value gifts for milestone celebrations, and unique virtual or in-person events that drive employee engagement and show your appreciation.

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How Gong generated 400+ new opportunities

In today’s climate, it’s not what you sell, it's how you sell it. When thinking about door-opening campaigns, we like to differentiate Gong in a crowded market. And Sendoso allows us to cut through all of the SaaS noise.

Russell Banzon

VP of Marketing, Gong

How Zendesk generated 15X ROI from a sending campaign

The cool thing is, we automated everything in Sendoso and integrated it with our CRM to track each step, from opting in, to starting a send, to delivery. Then, we pulled that information into Eloqua, where we could automate the eGift email instead of manually uploading a list. That’s all worked really well.

Miru Natarajan

Senior Marketing Manager of Regional Operations & Programs, Zendesk

How Cornerstone influenced $7 million in pipeline

Sendoso helps Cornerstone accelerate deals and set meetings with the prospects we normally have a difficult time getting in touch with. The unique sends help us break through the noise and come in with a message that resonates.

Sara Schonfeld

Senior Marketing Strategist, Cornerstone

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