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Book more meetings with highly desirable eGifts and personalized gifts that motivate prospects to engage with you. Get ready to see a 4X increase in response rates, because that’s what our customers are seeing!

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Increase response rates

Which would you prefer: a cold outreach email in your inbox or a box of cookies on your doorstep? Rise above the noise with something creative and desirable, making it impossible for leads to ignore you. Address Confirmation helps you secure the address of wherever your prospect is working.

Revive lost leads

Make those cold leads HOT again! How? Celebrate a recent promotion, company milestone, or any other event you may have noticed on LinkedIn using hundreds of global eGift options. Your prospect can enjoy lunch or coffee on you while you chat—a win/win. Or they can donate the eGift to charity.

Book more meetings

Using Outreach? Great! You can send some awesome things to prospects as part of your existing workflow, helping you book more meetings. For example, add a personal touch to your automated outreach by adding dynamic coffee eGift links into your Outreach sequences.

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“Sendoso allows us to get our brand on the desks and in the hands of our prospects. The past process of ordering the items, then packaging, mailing, etc… was a real pain. Now we can share the love with a larger audience and build meaningful relationships that lead to sales. Sendoso allows Chili Piper to scale.”

Scott Haney

Revenue Operations

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We’ve seen response rates and success with Sendoso like no other form of outreach.

Peter Tarrant, Account Based Marketer, Tipalti

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