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B2B marketing strategies to engage your audience

A personalized gifting strategy can help elevate any B2B marketing campaign. Learn how it delivers a long-lasting impression with your audience. Explore our marketing kits and guides to help you maximize your efforts.

Useful Kit

Account Based Marketing: The Complete Guide to ABM Tactics

Get the complete guide on account-based marketing (ABM) and learn how to use personalized gifts to target accounts.


The Definitive Demand Generation Guide

Grow your audience and build awareness to find new leads. Learn how to use demand gen strategies to create buzz.


A Marketing Leader's Kit For Sending Success

Build deeper relationships, deliver brand affinity, and cultivate customer engagement with strategic direct mailing.

Discover personalized gifts and branded swag

Engage your audience with personalized gifts and branded swag. Discover how to implement corporate gifting and direct mail strategies, look inside the Sendoso Marketplace, and so much more!


The Definitive Corporate Gifting Guide to Connect and Deepen Relationships

Implement corporate gifting strategies with employees, customers, or prospects. Learn how you can use personalized gifting to deepen relationships.
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Explore the marketplace! Get the most out of your sends with these delightful tips and tricks straight from the Sendoso Marketplace. We showcase top vendors and what they have to offer.


Strategies For Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Engage customers and prospects with direct mail marketing. Learn why companies are turning to direct mail to stand out and rise above the digital noise.

Sales playbooks to close deals faster

A personalized gifting strategy allows sales professionals to foster a connection with customers and prospects. Explore these sales strategies and solutions to drive revenue and increase sales velocity.


A Sales Prospecting Guide to Help You Find Quality Leads

Quickly bring new prospects into your pipeline. This easy sales prospecting guide will help you identify and find quality leads.


Insights and Best Practices From Lessons in Sends

Watch ‘Lessons In Sends’ for a deep dive on best practices, trending topics, new feature how-to’s, and customer sending stories.


A Sales Kit to Help Close Deals and Increase Revenue

It’s the perfect resource kit for account executives and sales reps. It’s everything you need to know on how to use strategic gifting to close more deals.

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