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Field marketing solutions that drive revenue

Use our impactful sending strategies to create personalized and tailored events that drive customer engagement. Equip your team with a gifting solution that increases attendance and registration rates while generating high-quality leads for sales teams through memorable in-person and virtual events.

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Solutions Field Marketing Hero
Solutions Field Marketing Hero

Data-backed sending that drives revenue


return on campaign investment


reduction in labor costs


shorter average sales cycle

Create unforgettable experiences that convert

Host memorable events

Get in front of your prospects quickly at trade shows and other events with gifts that deliver the “wow” factor. Engage deeply with customers before, during, and after your events with our fully scalable gifting solution. Create a lasting impression with our broad marketplace of eGifts, branded merchandise options, exceptional virtual experiences, and more. Sendoso makes all your events stand out.
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Drive event registrations and increase attendance

Inspiring event attendance is critical for customer engagement. Incentivize event registrations through gifting to create excitement and buzz. Increase brand awareness by sending fun eGifts for meals or coffee to entice attendees during your event, so you leave a lasting impression.

Generate highly qualified leads for sales

The event is over and now your sales team needs to follow up with your leads. With highly memorable and differentiated gifting strategies to execute pre- and post-events, use personalized and data-driven gifting via our Sending Management Platform to increase conversion rates and close deals faster.
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Easily integrate with your existing sales and marketing workflows

Sendoso integrates with leading sales and marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and many more. Our integrations help field marketing managers easily send gifts and trade show giveaways to event attendees with just a few clicks.

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How Arctic Wolf boosts awareness, engagement, pipeline, and upsells

Not only are we streamlining workflows, but we’re also creating new touch points for partner sales reps, allowing Arctic Wolf to stand out in a time when that has become increasingly difficult.

Megan Flanagan

Senior Director of Field and Channel Marketing, Arctic Wolf


How does Sendoso improve our event attendance?

With a broad marketplace of quality eGifts, branded merchandise options, exceptional virtual experiences, and more, Sendoso makes it easy for field marketing teams to drive event registration and attendance at scale with personalized touches before, during, and after events.

How can Sendoso help us with event logistics?

By leaving the event logistics to Sendoso, field marketing teams can save time and create unique experiences. Store and easily ship branded merchandise from Sendoso-owned and operated warehouses. Instead of managing logistics and merch closets, you can focus on creating an engaging event.

How do I measure the impact of using Sendoso for my virtual and in-person events?

With built-in tracking and analytics, you’ll have complete transparency into the timeliness of your gifting and the ROI of your sending strategies. Track from when gifts are sent to when they’re received and when eGifts are opened so your sales team can be there at each important touch point.

Does Sendoso integrate with leading sales and marketing platforms in the market?

We integrate with all the major CRM, sales engagement, and marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outreach, Salesloft, Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, and many more.
Learn more about our integrations.

Does Sendoso offer customer support for our field marketing campaigns?

We provide chat, email, platform, and logistics assistance to support your field marketing campaigns. Our dedicated support specialists are spread across the US and internationally to ensure you have global coverage.

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