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How to Maximize ROI with Intent Data and Strategic Gifting

In today’s competitive landscape, sales and marketing teams often struggle to identify the most engaged prospects and make effective decisions when it comes to connecting with potential buyers. With limited resources and budget cuts, leaving anything to chance is not an option. The lack of crucial information and a data-driven approach often leads to missed opportunities and wasted efforts. However, there is a solution that can transform the way you engage with buyers and ensure better outcomes.

In this webinar, Sendoso and 6sense share insights on how to leverage intent data and gifting to make informed decisions and build stronger connections with buyers. We were also joined by a successful joint customer who has successfully implemented these strategies and achieved remarkable results. Viewers will be able to take control of their sales and marketing efforts and achieve better results in today’s competitive market.

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Uncertain times are cause for uncertain results. With a rapid shift in the economy and changes in B2B buying behaviors, the same old sales tactics are not going to break through barriers. What does this mean for sales leaders? Strengthening the buyer-seller connection and building an impactful buyer experience is critical to ensure sales teams hit their targets.

You’ll learn:

  • How to laser focus your efforts on accounts that will convert using intent data.
  • Ways to accelerate the buyer’s journey through strategic gifting backed by intent data.
  • Tactical examples showcasing the effective utilization of Sendoso and 6sense to close more deals and maximize ROI.


James Sutton

Austin Sandmeyer

 Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Sendoso

Bryan Seltzer

Alura Hencely-Roe

Senior Manager, ABX at 6sense

James Sutton

Nathan Singleton

Account Based Marketing Manager at Amplience