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Implementing a High Performance ABM Strategy

See how RollWorks increased response rates by 55%

With Demand Generation Marketing Manager,

Katie Dunn

RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, offers ambitious B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue.


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The RollWorks team understood early on that direct mail was effective in securing callbacks, nurturing engagement, and helping to close B2B deals. But when she faced challenges capturing the attention of her target accounts, she knew she needed a new strategy. RollWorks started using Sendoso since its inception in late 2017—and it hasn’t stopped since.

“Sendoso has made the experience of corporate gifting a must have.”


Katie Dunn is RollWorks’s demand generation manager. Her demand generation initiatives span event promotion to leading all marketing campaigns for RollWorks’ commercial segment. She is responsible for cross-channel demand generation and ABM campaigns, including direct mail.

She needed a way to stand out from her existing digital strategy. As part of her ABM strategy, she wanted to start sending personalized items to her target accounts but knew that she couldn’t keep up with the demand of sending hundreds of physical gifts per week.

Katie knows, first hand, the power of personalized engagement. She first started sending in her days as a sales development representative and saw the impact it had on her sales pipeline, opportunities, and revenue—and knew she could rely on this approach as the company’s demand generation marketing manager.


To drive net new pipeline, Katie uses Sendoso for both evergreen and micro-ABM campaigns. She says she “100% gravitates toward sending Sendoso food and drink kits” and has found huge success sending Sendoso Aperol Spritz kits and Sendoso cocktail kits, such as in a micro-ABM campaign targeting closed lost opportunities. She targets accounts that haven’t responded to a sales sequence in the last two weeks by sending a $25 DoorDash eGift card on Sundays. Katie says that “Sendoso has made the experience of corporate gifting a must have.”

“Direct mail works and it continues to work. And Sendoso takes it an extra mile.”


Sendoso has proven to be a hugely effective approach that Katie says empowers RollWorks to create “more meaningful, human interactions” that close more deals. And the platform’s ease of use means that RollWorks has 100% sales development team adoption and 90% Account Executive adoption. “Enabling our sellers to send gifts and have that attention to detail helps get that meeting with that person you’ve been trying to cold call or email,” Katie says.

  • 55% increase in response rates when using Sendoso in marketing programs; shortening of the sales cycle.
  • Sendoso’s Aperol Spritz kit helped RollWorks secure 9 new opportunities that generated more than $500,000 in potential revenue.
  • Weekly $25 DoorDash eGift cards sent each Sunday have led to 29 opportunities created and more than $325,000 generated revenue with the potential of having a million dollars in influenced pipeline.
  • Ease of adoption means that 95% of the RollWorks sales team is now trained to use Sendoso.


RollWorks discovered early on that Sendoso was easy to use, reliable, and successful at producing game-changing results especially when paired with RollWorks. Today, Katie is a proud Sendoso SuperSender, continuously employing the gifting platform due to the consistent responses and increase in revenue. “Direct mail works and it continues to work,” Katie says. “And Sendoso takes it an extra mile, and contributes to our revenue goals time and time again.”

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We typically have a 6–18 month sales cycle. When Sendoso is put into play we see a much shorter sales cycle.

Katie Dunn

With Demand Generation Marketing Manager

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