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Winning Over Key Decision Makers: The Role of Direct Marketing in Building Strong Business Relationships

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New independent research reveals when to give, what to give, who to give to, and why gifts get you noticed during a tight economy.

Historic inflation and a looming recession are driving businesses to slow down their spending. Unfortunately the expectations on sales and marketing teams to drive revenue aren’t slowing down with them. There has never been more pressure put on sales and marketing teams to meet their revenue targets, even as the buyers they engage with are cutting costs and reducing their budgets.

But according to independent new survey research, sending a personalized gift to budget decision-makers is an effective way for sales and marketing teams to stand out and connect with B2B buyers.

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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How much personalized gifting affects B2B deals
  • The types of personalized gifts that make the greatest impact, by team
  • How personalized gifts create human connections
  • How budget-crunched leaders react to receiving personalized gifts
  • The appropriate value of gifts
  • At what stage of a deal to send a personalized gift