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October 26, 2023

How Caspian at Gong Uses Sendoso

By Katie Penner, Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso

I recently sat down with Caspian Lewke, the first ever SDR to be promoted into a Solutions Architect role at Gong, to learn more about how gifting with Sendoso impacted his success as an SDR. Although Caspian now works as an Associate Sales Engineer, he continuously shares advice about the Sales Development role to his LinkedIn audience of about 12,000 people.

Caspian is passionate about making a positive impact and his personal mission is to help others and to hopefully make some people laugh along the way.

During this chat, Caspian talked about leveraging gifting with Sendoso to:

  • Bounce back from missing quota
  • Implement practical gifting plays to open more doors
  • Segment with three tiers of personalization

Watch the interview to learn more about Caspian’s process and how he was able to see such success with gifting.

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