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December 18, 2023

Satisfy Santa’s Sweet Tooth: Grove Cookie Company’s Holiday Hits!

By Katie Penner, Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso
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Who is Grove Cookie Company

Grayson & Marie Hogard are a husband and wife founded company who craft small-batch, out of this world, soft, and delicious cookies. The couple started passing cookies out to their friends in the neighborhood and caught the attention of a wealth advisor who wanted to give the cookies as gifts to his clients. From there, in January of 2021, a side hustle was born.

They quickly realized that Marie baking 30,000 cookies in their townhome wasn’t going to fit this big sized dream. So, in September of 2022, they moved the operation out of their home and into their own production facility in Tigard, Oregon.

The move coincided with the beginning of a pivotal partnership with Sendoso. The new Sendoso-Grove partnership, initiated just weeks before Grove transitioned to the bakery, marked the start of a highly successful collaboration.

Since teaming up with Sendoso, Grove has experienced a remarkable surge in operations and outreach. In 2023 alone, the company has shipped over 200,000 cookies (576% increase), an achievement that underscores the effectiveness of this partnership.

Marie and Grayson have experienced exponential growth in their business, highlighting not only the popularity of their cookies but also the efficiency and reach provided by Sendoso’s platform.

Grayson also wanted to add that all of the team members at Sendoso are ROCKSTARS!!!!


Grove Cookie Company and Sendoso



What Makes Grove Cookie Company Cookies Unique?

With every delicious bite of Grove’s cookies, you are supporting a woman and veteran-owned business.

Exclusively using thoughtful ingredients sourced locally and regionally, Grove has never swayed from their commitment to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. You can enjoy high-quality ingredients from companies like Ghiradelli and Bob’s Red Mill in every bite.

In addition to a fresh and ethical cookie, Grove Cookie Company has approached marketing in a very unique and effective way on LinkedIn. Grayson weighed in:

“Linkedin has been a wonderful place for not only Grove, but for me personally. Being able to share our journey and mission with the community has been a blessing. It also helps that the community as a whole has supported us and Cookies as a Service™.”


Santa’s Top 3 Favorite Cookies

White Chocolate Peppermint

These cookies are sure to sleigh this season.



Chocolate Chip

Dare we say they’re better than Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies?

grove cookie chocolate chip sendoso cookie



Sprinkle a little joy this holiday season.

Grove Cookie Company Sendoso Sprinkle Cookie


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