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November 28, 2023

Sendoso is Automating with HR Tools

By Cody Farmer, Head of Product at Sendoso
What your average company does on your yearly workplace anniversary is an automated internal message, usually something like this: “Congrats to Joe on reaching his 2 year anniversary with the company, we’re so thankful for your contributions!”

What a company using Sendoso does on your yearly workplace anniversary: “Joe, confirm your address because your 2-year anniversary gift is on the way!”

One lands way better than the other, I can promise that. Sendoso is making it possible to automate at scale with unique options to map for each annual anniversary.

In the past, we’ve done this, but we’ve previously relied on our users to do a manual CSV upload, often recommending that they do it once monthly or once weekly to celebrate milestones. It’s not the best way to send out gifts and I’ve always known it, but we really didn’t have a different way to recommend our customers to accomplish it.

Now, it’s as simple as connecting your HRIS tool and mapping out what gifts you want to be sent for each milestone, it’s the easiest way to improve your retention rate and enhance the company culture. Check it out below:

If you’re interested in checking it out and you’re an existing customer, feel free to reach out to your CSM or AM or if you’d like to see it in action and aren’t a Sendoso user, schedule time above!

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